Ybor City in Tampa

Tampa Bay Florida Vacation Guide

Ybor City was the historic heart of the cigar business that flourished in Florida during the late 1800s and early 1900s.

The cigar industry once employed some 20,000 migrant workers, many of whom traveled to Ybor from Cuba and Spain.

Streetcar to Ybor City, Tampa Florida
Historic TECO Streetcar

Tourist attractions in Ybor City include the following:

  1. Cigar Museum
  2. Ybor City State Museum
  3. Original Cigar Worker's house
  4. Historic Social Clubs
  5. El Sol Cigars Store

A colorful outdoor market is held in Ybor City each Saturday.

Visitors to Tampa can catch the historic TECO Line Streetcar to travel from the Convention Center to Ybor City.


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